Born in London in 1951 and trained at Rambert School of Ballet and The Benesh Institute of Choreology (now part of Royal Academy of Dance) with many additional courses and workshops, most importantly intensive courses in Lund University, Sweden and Salt Lake City University, Utah.

With an early career in Rambert, American Ballet Theatre and, in Scandinavia, The Royal Swedish Ballet (as choreologist), Dora moved to Malmo Ballet as Ballet Mistress and dancer going on to Wasa Theatre Osterbottens Regional Theatre in Finland as dancer, choreographer, movement director/coach and Assistant Director creating the solo touring show Harlequin’s Day in 1988. On relocating to Gothenburg Sweden she first worked freelance and in 1993 was appointed to design and lead Angered Gymnasiums’ new dance programme. During the (almost) ten years she held that post this programme grew into three strands, including after school classes and a prevocational programme.

Returning to London to study an MA in Choreography at Middlesex University she relocated to Newcastle in 2003 and formed DoraFrankelDance.

In 2013 DoraFrankelDance relaunched as Fertile Ground, the first and only early career repertory dance company based in North East England, with talent retention and sector development at its core.

In 2018 she relinguished her directorship to Co-Artistic Directors Malgorzata Dzierzon and Renaud Wiser.

Dora now works nationally and internationally as an independent dance artist and arts business consultant.